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Wild cat returns (246 K) (Format: pdf )
Author: Hypatia
Format: Short story       Status: Complete       Year: 2017
Genre: Het       Category: Friendship, Romance
Rating: General      
Major Characters: Napoleon Solo, Illya Kuryakin, Original female
Pairings: Illya/female original
Period: Post-series
Summary: Memories of an old love affair, seen through the eyes of three people
Sequel to: Wild cat in the woods
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The Deadly Playground Affair (41 K) (Format: html , text-only )
Author: Benzadmiral
Format: Short story       Status: Complete       Year: 2016
Genre: Gen       Category: Adventure, Crossover
Rating: General      
Major Characters: Illya Kuryakin, Alexander Waverly, Crossover male, Crossover female
Period: During series
Summary: Solo and Illya must stay ahead of a Thrush murder squad to keep Innocents Bud and Fran Baxter (of *The Apartment*) alive.
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