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From: Helena Grace
Date: 01/20/2016
I think I had read the Night Watch Affair somehwere else perhaps - or something similar. Or perhaps I just think too much. But this? Good gracious!!! It was one thing after another after another and I never had a moment to catch my breath!! In quite a good way, of course. I would have kept a running commentary on it - half-considered it - but decided not to inflict that upon you.....

OH, but this was....Superbe. Thank you so much!! And I LOVED the Doctor. He didn't register at first given I'd never quite caught his name, and in short never liked Ford's character portrayal in the film. However, between it and NCIS, I do tend to pick up on the whole one-armed man thing, although it took quite a while for me to get it. Recently, I was told by an old uncle of mine (literally - oddly enough, also the one that told me McCallum had played in Man from UNCLE.....) that there had been a television series with the same general plot - may I presume that it is this that Kimble is taken from? If just because it's older and the film is set in modern time. Well, moreso at least.

And the characters! I always enjoy those two, but I quite enjoyed the conversation about the State and the guilty. It was...intruiging to see the two viewpoints.

and then you shot Illya. And I have been writing and researching entirely TOO MUCH if I'd already had possible treatments for the different ways he could have been shot - and was rather close!! I need to stop writing doctors.....

Anyway! I digress. Again. This is....beyond my words to applaud, so I shall merely leave you with my immense thanks.

Mille fois merci!!
From: Wendie Zearfoss
Date: 06/23/2011
Agreeing with Carabele, it's good to your writing again. Unlike her, I do have experience with the original series of The Fugitive, and your handling of it was very good. I think perhaps both Solo & Illya would not be so concerned about the guilt or innocence of Kimble initially; he was a "innocent" who had qualities they needed. What would make them wonder as you point out later, was Kimble's sense of morality when he didn't try to escape. I enjoy cross-overs when they are done well and have done two myself, using Men in Black and N.Y.P.D., the original 60s series. The story was tight and moved along rapidly without extraneous dialog or narrative. I was expecting Illya to be bluffing on the injury, but it was a nice vehicle to allow Kimble to show his dedication to the Hippocratic Oath, thus planting the seeds of doubt about his guilt. Hope this is the start of a series of good reading.

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