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From: Kitty4940
Date: 12/02/2011
This is a lovely little vignette on our guys, Glenna.

I thought Tracey was an entertaining character and that there was an attraction between Tracey and IK, also. Of course, I was told, "He didn't really pay any attention to her when she kissed him, He turned his back before she had walked away." He may have turned away when she walked away, but he looked at her most intently pre-kiss. In the DVD interviews, it sounded like DM got a bit of a rush from working with Dorothy Provine and had quite a bit of fun.

It be fun to have an epilog to "Spy With My Face", too. Napoleon let Sandy Wister stick around a little too long. She became a quite possessive - which may have been the reason why he seemed to keep relationships short after that.

Oh, the plots and schemes are brewing!

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